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Who We Are

Exploits Paddling Adventures is an expansion by Rafting Newfoundland into paddling instruction and paddling events. For years our guides at Rafting Newfoundland have wanted to grow paddling in this province and this expansion has really been driven by them. Both they and us really just want to see more people out and enjoying the river that we know and love. We will always sit in amazement at how few people paddle and explore the beautiful rivers right in our backyard. During the pandemic, we realized just how much Newfoundlanders want to explore their own province and just how much they enjoyed seeing what their own backyard had to offer. While our guides have been wanting to do this for years we owe you, our customers for giving us the confidence over the past two years to take this huge leap.

At Rafting Newfoundland and Exploits Paddling Adventures we believe in growing paddling culture in NL, helping Newfoundlanders experience their province in a new way, and sharing what makes the Exploits Valley so special, the rivers. The culture of Central Newfoundland and the Exploits Valley especially has always been shaped by the rivers. From the Beothuk migrating up and down the Exploits waterway following the Caribou, the log drivers who shaped the central economy, to the Salmon that come home to us every year. The Exploits River and its watershed have shaped this region's culture. So with all that in mind we are incredibly excited to help Newfoundlanders and visitors alike experience this river in a new way. From relaxed paddling, whitewater, all the way to exclusive culinary events on the river we have you covered.

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