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Whitewater Kayaking

Expand Your Adventure


What is Whitewater Kayaking????

Ever wondered what the heck whitewater paddling is and why you would do it? You are not alone! Unlike what you see on the internet whitewater kayaking is not all waterfalls and class 5 rapids being run by Red Bull athletes. There really is something for everybody here. Contrary to popular belief most whitewater paddlers are not adrenaline junkies and you don't have to be either to enjoy this sport  (but if that is your thing you will like it too)!  While it can be intimidating to learn whitewater kayaking is a thrilling sport that opens up a whole new way to experience and explore the great outdoors. It brings with it a greater appreciation and respect for rivers and the great satisfaction of learning a new skill. There is no greater feeling than slicing through the crashing waves and overcoming what you once might have thought was beyond you. If this sounds like the type of thing you would be interested in you should look into a lesson with us!


Crash Course

This is the perfect option for someone completely new and looking to get a taste of the sport for the first time. The main goal of this option is to just have fun on the water in whatever way that works for you. Our instructors will teach you the basics all while keeping you safe on the river. The Exploits River is the perfect place for this with its deep safe water and warm temperatures. Try something new this summer and be the talk of tea time in NL!

Dates and Price

Dates: Available on request

Times: 10am - 4pm with a break for lunch

Price: $200+HST per person with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people ($260 if rentals required) or $300+HST for two days or two sessions ($400 if rentals required)

What is provided:

All necessary gear is provided if rented.

Pack your own lunch or take advantage of some of the great local restaurants.

Where: Meet at the Salmonid Interpretation Center in Grand Falls-Windsor by our renovated red school bus!

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